5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Send-Off Ideas

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Who doesn’t love a good wedding ceremony exit or grand reception send-off? Not only are they a creative and special way to celebrate that you are now a newlywed, but they also make for amazing photo opportunities. Unfortunately, a lot of these send-offs involve items that can be harmful to our environment. For example, using faux rose petals, floating paper lanterns into the sky, or tossing foil confetti. Those are just a few of the not-very-environmentally-friendly grand exits we have seen throughout the past couple years. The good news is more and more eco-friendly concepts are starting to increase in popularity which make our earth-loving hearts very happy. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 favorite grand exit/send-off ideas that we are just obsessed with.


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We. Just. Love. Bubbles. They make for adorable photo ops (as seen to the left) and the bubbles can even come in cute, customizable containers to commemorate your big day with your date and new married last name - if you so choose. Bubbles simply disintegrate into thin air so the only disposal you need to worry about are recycling the containers they come in (which can also be found in biodegradable form!). Bubble send-offs (or bubble exits) definitely give a whimsical, sweet vibe to your wedding day. On top of that, who doesn’t smile when blowing bubbles? Seriously, try it. 



This super cute and easy-to-DIY idea has been popping up in weddings all over the place and we are in LOVE. These streamers on wands can be found on Etsy, Amazon, or can easily be crafted yourself. Find the streamers in your color scheme and your grand exit will be that much more festive and memorable. These wands can easily be collected at the end of the wedding and be re-used or recycled.


All wedding venues are rejoicing for biodegradable confetti! This water soluble confetti can be found on Etsy or through specific companies that specialize in creating it. One of our personal favorites includes https://ecofetti.com; this website offers biodegradable confetti in a variety of colors or combine several colors to suit your color scheme perfectly.



The non-traditional traditional option for flower girls to toss or your guests to toss during the grand exit. You are getting the look and feel of flowers but without the worry of keeping the petals fresh for the day of. The dried flower confetti is also non-toxic and biodegradable.



Photo and flags  MexicanDecorations  on Etsy.com

Photo and flags MexicanDecorations on Etsy.com

We’re really loving this idea lately. Custom wedding flags let you put your own spin on your grand exit. The possibilities are endless. You can get your wedding hashtag printed on them, your monogram, “just married”, whatever you feel is perfect for you. These flags are not only super adorable, but the exit photos with your custom flags waving in the background will definitely be a photo you’ll want framed.