Orange Blossom flowers symbolize everlasting love, which is the most important part of a wedding day.  Since the couple has that part covered, Orange Blossom Events will take care of the rest. We allow a stress-free experience for our couples while producing events that are elegant, memorable, and reflect you. We are experts at bringing your vision to life and pride ourselves on that “oh my goodness, it’s better than I imagined” moment.


About Orange Blossom Events

  MANDI WARNER   Co-Owner & Lead Planner (Florida)


 Co-Owner & Lead Planner (Florida)

It all began with two college freshmen who had been randomly selected to become roommates...

For many, the whole “random roommate” process can be…well, not the most pleasant. Luckily, this was not the case here. Briana and Mandi instantly hit it off with their all-too-similar backgrounds in dance, immense obsession with puppies, and passion for event planning. The pair became inseparable taking every class together for their B.S. in Event Management and minor in Hospitality Management.  When they weren’t watching So You Think You Can Dance or eating cookie dough they would find themselves talking about how perfect it would be to have an event business together and help brides create the wedding of their dreams.

After college, Briana and Mandi went their separate ways, Briana moving to Cincinnati, Ohio and Mandi down to South Florida…. but don’t worry, the story is just beginning.

Both women went on to pursue separate careers in corporate event planning, non-profit event coordination, marketing, and catering management with focuses on weddings and large scale events.  

Briana then went on to found Orange Blossom Events.  Many of her clients were in Florida and she quickly realized how amazing it would be to have a second branch of the company to better serve these clients. Mandi was the obvious person to fill this role and run the south Florida region. The two re-connected and the timing could not have been more perfect. Now, with the addition of Mandi to the team, Orange Blossom Events is proud to announce their official expansion to Florida. 

Every bride and groom has their own idea of their dream wedding. Let the Orange Blossom Events team take the stress out of event planning and makes those dreams come true! Contact them today for more information.


   BRIANA warm  Founder, Co-Owner & Lead Planner (Midwest)

   BRIANA warm

Founder, Co-Owner & Lead Planner (Midwest)