5 Fun Things to Do with Your Bridesmaids the Day Before Your Wedding

So all of your girls are in town and you are looking for some fun and memorable things to do with them the day before your wedding? We have you covered. These activities will most definitely give you gals some quality bonding time before the big day!

Spa Day


A great way to relax the day before your wedding is head to the spa! Schedule yourselves some mani/pedis, or opt for massages! Plus, many spas located at resorts will have pools designated for spa clients only. A great opportunity to have a light lunch and take a dip with your girls (just remember your SPF if you’re going to be hanging outside!). This is a fun way to release tension before your big day.

Workout Class


Try a spin class or yoga sesh to spend time with your girls and burn some calories before your big day! But remember, don’t push yourself too hard the day before your wedding - it’s not worth risking an injury before your big day! Keep any workout classes you decide to engage in on the lower impact side to play it safe.

Beach Day


If you’re getting married near the beach, opting for a beach day before your wedding is a fun way to relax and it’s free! Bring some snacks, towels, a big umbrella to stick into the sand and you’re good to go! As mentioned earlier, just don’t forget your sunscreen and bring that floppy hat to keep the potential sunburns at bay.

Movie Night


After your rehearsal dinner, come back to your place, pop some popcorn, put on a face mask, and turn on a movie with your girls to calm those pre-wedding jitters. Our favorite wedding movies include Father of the Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Bridesmaids just to name a few!

Keep it lighthearted and on the funny side. You’ll probably end up chatting it up with your friends for 99% of the movie anyways.

DIY Spa Night Face Masks


Save some cash and have a DIY face mask night in with your girls after your rehearsal dinner. Slice up some cucumbers and apply your face masks to relax before the craziness begins tomorrow! This is great (and cheap!) option - plus, who doesn’t love a spa night in?!