What to Include in a Wedding Day Emergency Kit


If you are not familiar with the terms “Wedding Day Emergency Kit” or “Wedding Day Survival Kit”, this is simply a kit (or bag) with all of the wedding day essentials for those last minute emergencies. While of course we all hope that the wedding day will go off without a hitch, there will many times be a minor snag here or there. Whether it be a groomsmen with heartburn, a strap on a dress that detached itself, or a bride that spills something on her gown (for a few examples of the just-in-case scenarios), this is where this all-inclusive kit can come into play to save the day.

Your wedding planner or coordinator will typically provide a full wedding kit for full use throughout the day if needed. However, if you want to assign this duty to a bridesmaid or even put it together yourself, here’s a not-so-short comprehensive list of the items we find essential to ensure your big day goes off without any problems.


·  Spray Deodorant (because sharing a stick of deodorant is kind of gross. Also, it’s easier to apply for a bride than a stick)

·  Band-Aids (in all sizes)

·  Blotting Papers (keep the shine away for photos)

·  Translucent Powder (for those extra hot/humid days)

·  Benadryl

·  Tissues (for obvious reasons)

·  Zyrtec

·  Mints and/or Listerine Strips

·  Mouth Wash

·  Safety Pins (in assorted sizes)

·  Bobby Pins

·  Scissors

·  Tums

·  Sharpie Markers

·  Pens

·  Ketubah Pen 

·  Lighter

·  Matches

·  Clear Nail polish

·  Eyelash Glue

·  Lint Roller

·  Floss

·  Assorted Snacks (we don’t want a cranky bridal party)

·  Tampons and Panty Liners

·  Comb and/or Hair Brush

·  Dress Double Sided Tape

·  Regular Double Sided Tape

·  Sewing Kit

·  Super Glue

·  Hair Spray

·  Anti-Itch Ointment 

·  Anbesol (for tooth pain relief, like we said, just in case)

·  Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol, Excedrin 

·  Hair Ties (in assorted sizes)

·  Lactaid

·  Q-tips

·  Body lotion

·  Vaseline

·  Baby Powder

·  Straws (so as not to ruin the lipstick!)

·  Razor (in case someone forgot to shave that day)