5 Unique Wedding Place Card Alternatives


Wedding place cards play a large role in how your guests are seated. Place cards will typically have the name or names of a person or couple along with the table number they are sitting at and sometimes what the entrée selection of that guest will be (if required by the venue or caterer). A lot of vital information when it comes to making sure your guests are not confused when finding their seats and that the banquet staff can take care of them accordingly for food service. Wedding place cards come in many forms but the two most popular that we have seen lately are regular half folded small cards and large and ornate boards with everyone’s name and table number listed out (for weddings without the food selection being noted on the place card). While those are perfectly fine and certainly get the job done, we many times will get requests from our brides for alternatives or more creative options for wedding place cards. Check out our list of our top 5 place card alternatives below:

1)    Champagne Flutes

Photo by:  Mike Krautter

Photo by: Mike Krautter

This can be done one of two ways. The champagne flute can be engraved or painted with the person’s name and table number on it (this can double as a favor as well), or a small tag can be fastened or placed on the champagne flutes with the required information. It’s up to you to decide if you want to pre-fill these glasses with champagne for your guests to take, or leave them empty (we are definitely team fill-the-glass).

2) Custom Cookies

A “place card” that can double as a wedding favor? We’re here for this. Each cookie can have your guests’ names on them with the table number and can be packaged in cellophane with a ribbon that matches your décor perfectly. Your guests can then take the cookies home and enjoy them later. Not to mention, these have the potential to look absolutely adorable.

3)    Homemade Jellies or Jams with DIY Label


Here you have the option of making said jelly/jam yourself (find link here to an amazing and easy recipe) or feel free to buy jars of it at your favorite grocer. The key here is to package it in mini mason jars along with a cute custom label that you can create on your computer. The label (we recommend ones that are adhesive for an easy application to the mason jars) will have the basic place card information as normal and once again, these can double as super cute (and tasty) favors that your guests can enjoy well after your wedding is over.

4)    Signature Drink Stirrers

Photo by: Martha Stewart Weddings

Photo by: Martha Stewart Weddings

If your venue or caterer allows you to have a specialty drink on the bar, this is an adorable idea. These stirrers have mini flags/tags attached to the ends and will have your guest’s name and table number listed on them. These can be placed right into the pre-made specialty drinks, ready for your guests to grab and enjoy during cocktail hour.

5)    Bushels of Fruit

Photo by:  Aaron Delesie

Photo by: Aaron Delesie

Before you read that subject line and go…”bushels of fruit, what”, let us clarify. This concept has been growing in popularity lately because it does look super cute and rustic, it doubles as a favor, and believe it or not, you can probably find a really good deal on said fruit. Also, who doesn’t love fresh fruit? All you need are brown paper bags or small baskets, your labels, and lastly, the seasonal fruit of your choosing. Berries and cherries fill the bags and baskets nicely, as smaller fruits work best. We recommend contacting your local farmers markets to see what’s in season and what kind of deal you can get on buying the fruit in bulk.